Last weekend, car packed full of spray cans, we made our way to Newlands Summer Fair. 
Gorgeous day, lots of sunshine, children, wheels and a fair few hot chips. 

Andy mapped out the 10mx2m mural, and we let the public loose with a bunch of cans and a few directions...

It was such a treat to witness a community come together, have a go, have a laugh, and create something together. 

A huge thank you to Kirk and his team from The Rock Church for their organisation and man power!


If it look like we spent a lot of time hanging out with birds it's because  we did. 
Photos of beautiful Jemima on her wedding day coming soon.


I consider myself a particularly fortunate person, as I have now had the thoroughly entertaining pleasure of Kate's friendship  since I was about 4 year old. For 2 decades now Kate has been one of my favourite people in the universe- inclusive of all people dead or alive, historic or fictional. Kate is right up there with Ron Weasley, Oscar Wilde, and whoever invented Lindt balls. A few years ago Kate married the love of her life- another exceptional human being, and together they created the most adorable, brave, growly creature that is Conrad.  I feel that Conrad and I are going to get along particularly well as he already has a penchant for making dinosaur noises.

Conrad has had a pretty tough start to existence which you can read about on Kate's blog Here. But he really does have the best parents ever to support and love him.

*I wish I had taken better pics but really I was far more interested in cuddling Conrad and chats with Kate.