As long as I am acting out of love I feel I am doing best I know how.

- Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch 

Pentax ME Super 35mm 


"He experienced the singular pleasure of watching people he loved fall in love with other people he loved." 
- Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life.


12 months of  tired. 

I have mostly neglected any outlets I once used to process the kaleidoscope of the everyday. 
These shots taken through my fathers lens and my blurry eye are a reminder of a more sleepless time.
Here's to more sleep and motivation to use newfound energy for good.


Last weekend, car packed full of spray cans, we made our way to Newlands Summer Fair. 
Gorgeous day, lots of sunshine, children, wheels and a fair few hot chips. 

Andy mapped out the 10mx2m mural, and we let the public loose with a bunch of cans and a few directions...

It was such a treat to witness a community come together, have a go, have a laugh, and create something together. 

A huge thank you to Kirk and his team from The Rock Church for their organisation and man power!